Auditorium Rental

Seating Capacity:

Main Floor 629 + Balcony 300 = Total 929

Auditorium rental is based on a standard 8 or 10 hour daily block of time. The type of renting organization and how the organization uses the facility determines the duration and rental rate of a daily time block. Any time used in excess of a standard daily time block is charged a hourly overtime rate. Gallery use is charged on a hourly basis and is not part of the standard auditorium rental.

The rental organization will be provided an estimated rental cost which will be based upon the dates/times and other information that the renter provides the theater. Charges are based upon your actual use of the facility and services.

To contact us about renting the facility, please call our Administrative Office at 336-883-3401 or send in your question via the Information_Request_Form


Miscellaneous Equipment and Special Service Charges

Rental Deposit:
Renting organization must pay a non-refundable deposit based on the total projected rental and other charges. This deposit must be received prior to any booked date being guaranteed.

Food and Beverage Service Charges:
Any event or reception involving food or beverage service will be charged a refundable cleaning deposit. The facility reserves the right to provide beer and wine beverage services for all events and receptions.

All ticketed events at the High Point Theatre must utilize the High Point Theatre Box Office to ticket their event. The box office accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. Tickets will be available for purchase in person, over the phone, and online. Renting organizations will be billed applicable processing fees, including ticket stock and printing.

Theatre Equipment Rental:
A variety of sound, lighting, rigging, and audiovisual equipment is available to renting organizations at an additional fee. Please see the 2018 Tech Manual for equipment information and contact the Theatre for pricing.

Ushers are required by the Theatre during all auditorium events. To ensure the smooth and safe operation of the theatre, the Theatre reserves the right to determine the number and function of ushers.

Security Personnel:
Uniformed police officers and/or other security are required at Theatre events and are charged to the renting organization. The High Point Theatre Staff determines the number and function of security officers needed for any event. Security officers are mandatory at all events where alcohol is served.

Stagehands are required for all auditorium events. The operation of lighting, sound, etc. are charged to the renting organization. The High Point Theatre Staff determines the number and function of stagehands.

Miscellaneous Set Up Charges:
Tables or chairs are available at a charge to the renting organization.


Auditorium Policies

  1. LEGAL REGULATIONS: The renting organization, in conducting any performance or event, shall comply with the theatre’s written contractual agreement, and abide by all applicable federal, state, and municipal regulations.
  2. CONDUCT: The renting organization is responsible for the conduct of its representatives, cast and workers while in the theatre.
  3. BACKSTAGE ACCESS: Members of the renting organization involved in the production must enter the theatre via the stage entrance door located on the Hamilton Street side of the facility. A unique renter combination code will be assigned to each lessee to provide to their members.
  4. FRONT OF HOUSE ACCESS: During a performance, performers and technicians should not enter the auditorium from the stage or go backstage directly from the auditorium.
  5. BOX OFFICE: No one is allowed in the box office, without the prior consent of the High Point Theatre management.
  6. SMOKING: Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the theatre.
  7. FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Food and beverages are not permitted in the auditorium or on the stage. All food and beverages must be properly disposed of following each period of facility use. No outside food and drink.
  8. BEVERAGES: Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the facility without the prior consent of the High Point Theatre management.
  9. LOBBY DISPLAYS: All lobby displays must have the advance approval of the High Point Theatre management. The use of nails, screws and tacks in attaching items to the theatre or lobby walls is prohibited.
  10. LOBBY SALES: All rights to concessions, beer/wine and lobby sales are reserved for the High Point Theatre. Should the renting organization or their agents desire to conduct such sales, the renting organization must make prior arrangements with the theatre management. Upon written agreement, the High Point Theatre will allow the renting organization to conduct lobby sales. This agreement will be contingent on:
    (A) The High Point Theatre shall receive 20% of the gross sales.
    (B) The sale of goods is appropriate for the event held in the theatre.
    (C) The organization shall be responsible for all applicable licenses, taxes, and permits.
  11. ANIMALS: Animals are not permitted in the facility unless they are an essential part of a production or required as a service animal by individuals with disabilities.
  12. CLEANLINESS: General cleanliness is expected of everyone that uses the facility. The theatre maintenance staff will empty trash receptacles as needed. It is the responsibility of the renting organization to leave the facility in the same state of cleanliness and order as it was when they arrived.
  13. PAINTING AND/OR CONSTRUCTION: Scenery painting and construction is discouraged. In the event of an emergency, scenery painting and construction may be permitted, at the discretion of the Facility Manager, and only in areas designated by the Facility Manager. At no time will painting or construction be permitted on the sidewalk, on the loading dock, or in any other public access area. Painting materials such as brushes, rollers, buckets, etc. must be cleaned in the basement mop room’s slop sink. The mop room is located in the basement hallway stage left.
  14. TICKETING: Each individual patron of a theatre event must hold a ticket. Tickets and/or box office services are provided by the High Point Theatre Box Office. For information call the Box Office Manager at (336) 883-3402.
    (A) Theatre approved dance floors are required for all events involving tap dancing or clogging. Dance floors are recommended for all dance performances.
    (B) The removal and replacement of stage traps is the responsibility of the renting organization, and may only be performed with Theatre Staff supervision.
    (C) If the floor is damaged during the course of an event (for example spilled paint, holes, gashes, etc.), then the Theatre Staff will determine whether the renting organization will be responsible for the repairing and/or re-painting of the floor.
    (D) All tape on the floor is to be removed by the renting organization at the conclusion of an event
    (E) The scenic painting of the floor is permitted using water based paint only. It is the responsibility of the renting organization to re-paint the floor following the event using a theatre approved flat black latex paint. The theatre can supply paint and painting materials for this purpose at an additional cost with two weeks prior notice.
    (F) It is the responsibility of the renting organization to sweep and mop the stage and wings at the conclusion of an event. The final condition of the floor must be approved by the Theatre Staff; in the event the condition of the floor is deemed unsatisfactory, it will be re-done by a theatre supervised crew at an additional hourly expense.
    (G) Failure to comply with any of the previous stage floor regulations may result in a damage charge which will be added to the final rental billing statement. Damage charges will be assessed based on the degree of damage and cost of repair.
  16. LABOR: The High Point Theatre shall determine how many technicians, backstage workers and ushers are needed for an event. Labor for technicians, backstage workers and ushers will be charged to the renting organization. Please see the Theatre Technical Packet regarding crew requirements for the operation of the rigging system.
  17. PYROTECHNICS, SMOKE EFFECTS: All flash powder, explosives, fire or other dangerous devices or activities must meet all applicable safety and fire regulations. The Theatre Staff must be notified, upon signing of the lease, if the renting organization intends to use any potentially dangerous effects, pyrotechnics, open flames, stage fog, or smoke!
  18. PRE-SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: All performances will be preceded by an announcement that contains emergency exit information and requests the silencing of mobile phones and electronic devices.
  19. PROPERTY REMOVAL, STRIKE: It is the responsibility of the renting organization to remove all their property including scenery, props, costumes, etc., from the facility at the conclusion of the event. The theatre is not responsible for items left in the theatre following the departure of the renting organization. Scenery, props, etc., that the renting organization intends to throw away cannot be left in the loading dock area following the event.
  20. PHOTOGRAPHY: Flash photography during a performance is not allowed. Non-flash photography during a performance may be allowed with the prior consent of the rental organization and the theatre management. Videotaping during a performance is restricted to one camera in the booth area and must be approved by the rental organization and the theatre management. Photography and videotaping of any kind during rehearsals may be allowed with the prior consent of the rental organization and the theatre management.


Seating Chart

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