Meeting Room Rental

Our facility includes three large exhibition galleries for meetings, display, or receptions. The facility is suited for convention use, as well as functions of the arts, and is available to both professional and amateur groups on a rental basis.

How The Rental Rates Are Calculated

Meeting Room (Gallery) usage is charged at an hourly rate. There is a two hour minimum charge. The total rental time charged will include any setup/teardown usage for your event. Please contact the Theatre for pricing information.

The rental organization will be provided an estimated rental cost at the time a theatre rental lease is negotiated. This estimate will be based upon the dates and times the renter provides the theater. Charges are based upon actual use of the facility.

All rentals are contracted through the High Point Theatre Operations Office. For more information, please contact us via the form on the Booking Page.

Miscellaneous Equipment and Special Service Charges

Rental Deposit:
Renting organization must pay a non-refundable deposit based on the total projected rental and other charges. This deposit must be received with the signed contract.

Food and Beverage Service Charges:
Any event or reception involving food or beverage service will be charged a refundable cleaning deposit. The facility reserves the right to provide beer and wine beverage services for all events and receptions. Security officers are mandatory at all events where alcohol is served.

Security Personnel:
Uniformed police officers and/or other security are required at Theatre events and are charged to the renting organization. The High Point Theatre Staff determines the number and function of security officers needed for any event. Security officers are mandatory at all events where alcohol is served.

Miscellaneous Set Up Charges:
If tables or chairs are needed in the Galleries or Lobby for an event, they are available at a charge to the renting organization.

Audiovisual Equipment

  • Data Projector – Eiki 3500 lumen LCD projector for computer and video projection
  • Projection Screens – 5′ and 8′ tripod screens, 12’x16′ fast-fold screen with front and rear mattes and trim kit
  • Overhead Projector – Buhl D112 high-output projector
  • Sound Reinforcement – Anchor amplified podium system, CD player, Cassette player, and wireless microphones are available.

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • Tables: The Theatre has three sizes/types of tables. 8’x18″ wide banquet tables, 8’x30″ wide banquet tables, and 5′ round tables are available.
  • Chairs: The Theatre has approximately 150 metal-frame padded chairs.
  • Stage Risers: The Theatre has 8 4’x8′ risers available for rental – 4 are 8″ high, and 4 are 16″ high.

Meeting Room Policies

  1. LEGAL REGULATIONS: The renting organization, in conducting any performance or event, shall comply with the theatre’s written contractual agreement, and abide by all applicable federal, state, and municipal regulations.
  2. CONDUCT: The renting organization is responsible for the conduct of its representatives, casts and workers while in the theatre.
  3. BOX OFFICE: No one is allowed in the box office, without the prior consent of the High Point Theatre management.
  4. SMOKING: Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in the theatre.
  5. CATERING, FOOD AND BEVERAGES – Caterers must be on the High Point Theatre approved caterers list. Catered events will be coordinated by Theatre House Manager who will provide caterer with High Point Theatre Catering Policies. In general, no outside food and beverages are permitted in the facility without management permission. Any approved food and beverages must be properly disposed of following each period of facility use and the space must be restored to its original condition.
  6. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES- Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the facility without the prior consent of the High Point Theatre management. The High Point Theatre reserves the right to provide alcoholic beverage service. All events with alcoholic beverage service will be required to provide security.
  7. DISPLAYS- All displays must have the advance approval of the High Point Theatre management. The use of nails, screws and tacks in attaching items to the theatre or lobby walls is prohibited.
  8. SECURITY- The number and placement of security personnel will be determined by the Theatre House Manager and charged to the renting organization.
  9. LOBBY SALES- All rights to concessions and lobby sales are reserved for the High Point Theatre. Should the renting organization or their agents desire to conduct such sales, the renting organization must make prior arrangements with the theatre management. Upon written agreement, the High Point Theatre will allow the renting organization to conduct lobby sales. This agreement will be contingent on:
    (A) The High Point Theatre shall receive 20% of the gross sales.
    (B) The sale of goods is appropriate for the event held in the theatre.
    (C) The organization shall be responsible for all applicable licenses, taxes, and permits.
  10. ANIMALS- Animals are not permitted in the facility unless they are an essential part of a production or required as a service animal by individuals with disabilities.
  11. CLEANLINESS- General cleanliness is expected of everyone that uses the facility. The theatre maintenance staff will empty trash receptacles as needed. It is the responsibility of the renting organization to leave the facility in the same state of cleanliness and order as it was when they arrived.
  12. PAINTING, CONSTRUCTION- At no time will painting or construction be permitted in the High Point Theatre facility, or in any other public access area.
  13. GALLERIES – All furniture, equipment, etc., must be placed at least three (3) feet away from the gallery walls.
    (A) Theatre approved dance floors are required for all events involving tap dancing or clogging.
    (B) If the floor is damaged during the course of an event (holes, gashes, etc.), then the Theatre Staff will determine whether the renting organization will be responsible for repairing and/or repainting of the floor.
    (C) All tape on the floor is to be removed by the renting organization at the conclusion of an event.
    (D) It is the responsibility of the renting organization to clean the floor at the conclusion of an event. The final condition of the floor must be approved by Theatre Staff; in the event the condition of the floor is deemed unsatisfactory, it will be re-done by a Theatre-supervised crew at an additional hourly expense.
    (E) Failure to comply with any of the previous requirements may result in a minimum damage charge of $200 which will be added to the final rental billing statement. Damage charges in excess of this minimum will be assessed based on the degree of damage and cost of repair.
  15. CONCESSION AREA – If the Concession area is used, it is the responsibility of the renting organization to leave the concession area in the same state of cleanliness and order as it was when they arrived e.g. trash emptied, counters wiped down, floors mopped, etc.
  16. PROPERTY REMOVAL – It is the responsibility of the renting organization to removed all their property from the facility at the conclusion of the event. The Theatre is not responsible for items left in the facility following the departure of the renting organization. Excess property that the renting organization intends to throw away cannot be left in the loading dock area following the event.
  17. DEPOSIT – A $200 deposit is due with the return of a signed rental agreement. This deposit will be applied to any additional billable hours or services beyond the estimated hours of usage and to any damage or excess cleaning necessary to the facility during the use of said premises by the Lessee. Facility/cleaning damage includes, but is not limited to, carpet staining and other damage to the decor of the facility.

Floor Plans

Main Gallery – First Floor
(Capacity – 210 Standing Room Only)


Gallery B (Second Floor)
(Capacity – 160 Standing Room Only)


Children’s Gallery (Second Floor)
(Capacity – 95 Standing Room Only)